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Storia di vita; Episode 3 (Helping others to understand what is at stake)

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Kuukua buried her face in her pillow, wondering when the outbreak would go away. Efua being in quarantine was not exactly a death sentence, but it was scary knowing that she could catch the infection.

A busy street in Ghana

Cover your mouth with a tissue,” Napayin yelled. “Eh..., when did sneezing become a sin, at first you used to say 'bless you' what has changed?” Kojo retorted.

Napayin chuckled and continued with her studies. She had been elucubrating to keep her mind off all that was happening. Initially, she was sad, but this period had given her a chance to prepare for her exams without many distractions. Napayin decided to make every moment count. She recognized that this was a time to start that new project, read that book, and spend time with family.

Early the next morning, Mrs. Stevens went to the market to buy some groceries for the house. She had a mask on the whole time as she walked through the market. Many people were not adhering to the social distancing and wearing of mask mandate.

Auntie Grace, good morning ooh…, I hope you are well?” Mrs. Steven said.

“Customer, customer, it’s been long, good morning; I am well, hope you are well too,” Auntie Grace answered.

Where is your mask?” Mrs. Stevens asked.

Let me have my peace of mind. I think this so-called outbreak does not affect us compared to those who travel to other parts of the world frequently. For me, if I get sick, I would walk to the drug store and buy some medicine. Don’t worry about me. I will be fine,” Auntie Grace said.

“Auntie Grace, it is not like that ooh..., this disease is serious, do you remember Wofa Tee, at the lorry station; he recently died because of this disease. Also, Kobby, Maame Ataa’s son, is in critical condition. It is not a joke,” Mrs. Stevens said.

“Really!” Auntie Grace said. “

Yes! Try and wear your mask, practice hand-washing, and stay safe. I heard that those of us with other conditions like hypertension and diabetes are especially at risk,” Mrs. Stevens added.

Thank you for telling me this, I took this lightly, I had listened to these hawkers and thought it was a joke, I will try my best, see you soon,” Auntie Grace said.

Bye, see you soon,” Mrs. Stevens said.

As she walked towards her car, she wondered how social distancing was going to be practiced in such a busy market, not to talk about how people disregarded directives. This fight won’t be an easy one, she thought.

Mrs. Stevens on reaching home thoroughly cleaned the items she bought with Napayin. She realized that if she wanted her family to be safe, there was a need to clean the vegetables and fruits before she stored them.

To be continued…

Question for the day;

How can you educate the people in your community about the covid-19 pandemic?

Disclaimer: The purpose of Storia di vita is to educate the public on health issues. All characters, events, and incidents used in this story are fictitious and the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual person living or dead or actual events is purely coincidental.

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