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Storia di vita; Episode 5 (Love finds a way).

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

“It’s been many months, and this covid-19 pandemic is getting serious,” Napayin said. “I guess people are still violating the covid-19 protocols,” Kojo added.

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“Kojo,” Mrs. Stevens called out. Kojo rushed out of the room. Napayin stared at the ceiling as the phone rang. She quickly picked up the phone. It was Yaaba, her best friend.

“Thinking of valentine during this time makes my stomach churn; how do I get to meet Fiifi, it has been many months, and we have still not met. He tells me he is doing well, but my heart yearns to see his face,” Napayin said at the other end of the line.

Yaaba replied, “this covid-19 pandemic is getting serious, and it is taking more lives than before. A friend of mine thought it was a hoax until she started experiencing fever, cough, loss of smell, and difficulty breathing. After which, she was diagnosed at the hospital to have contracted the virus. This pandemic is no joke, my friend. Napayin, I think you should think of a way to celebrate this occasion online instead of in-person. I guess that would be better than risking your life”.

“Yaaba, I am tired of these restrictions, it has been over a year, and this pandemic seems to be growing more horns; when would it stop,” Napayin said. “Kuukua is still not back; I worry about my mum constantly; I need a break. Disregarding these so-called protocols for a day won’t hurt me. Besides, you know how long it took me to get Fiifi’s attention,” Napayin added.

“Would you rather put yourself at risk because of a day, or would you like to spend many more happy days ahead,” Yaaba added quickly. “I am just tired of all these,” Napayin murmured.

“It hurts now,” Yaaba said. “But it will be well soon. There has been a lot of advances towards the eradication of this virus. The Pfizer- BioNTech covid-19 vaccine and Moderna covid-19 vaccines have been approved by powerful institutions, and other companies are working hard to bring on board their vaccines to help solve this issue. There is nothing new under the sun; you remember Lolo’s favorite quote. There had been pandemics before our time, and we are lucky to be part of the internet age, we can still be together with the help of all these wonderful platforms.” Yaaba paused.

“Napayin, if you can stay home, find a way to make this valentine memorable with all these online tools available instead of disregarding the safety protocols that our health care providers and institutions reiterate. Valentine would always come and go, but you are irreplaceable,” Yaaba added.

"Aww," Napayin uttered. "Madam, I hear you," Napayin said.

"Napayin," Mrs. Stevens shouted. "Where are you? I need your help in the kitchen. Mrs. Stevens added.

"Yaaba, Mummy is calling; let's catch up later," Napayin said.

"Sure, take care, dear," Yaaba said.

To be continued…

Question for the day.

In which ways can you spend this valentine's day without putting yourself at risk?

Disclaimer: The purpose of Storia di vita is to educate the public on health issues. All characters, events, and incidents used in this story are fictitious and the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to an actual person living or dead or actual events is purely coincidental.

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