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Don’t smoke your lungs out; this is when you need it most.

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

We find ourselves in a time when staying healthy each day should be a priority for people all over the world. For decades, the world no- tobacco day has been one of the most important and celebrated days of the year. I think this year should be distinct; we need not be pelted with an endless history of tobacco but to be told of the gravity and consequence of smoking.

A picture of a man smoking

The lung is a delicate organ; it helps in sustaining the body by taking oxygen into the body to nourish the cells. This organ plays an essential role; when it is compromised, it makes it hard for the other organs in the body to function appropriately. Smoking is not just addictive but also ravages the lungs of persons who engage in it.

In a study conducted on twenty one confirmed covid patients in china by Pan et al. (2020); It was noted that chest CT scans of these patients showed lung abnormalities after ten days of the first presentation of symptoms. If the corona virus could affect the lung, then it would be prudent for us to maintain a healthy lung to increase our chances of survival.

Smoking affects the eyes, liver, mouth, brain, heart, pancreas, bladder, stomach, cervix, with associated diseases like cancer, heart diseases, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, and overall diminished health of people as reported by the Surgeon general of the United States in 2014 in a report titled The Health Consequences of Smoking—50 Years of Progress. In this report, extensive discussions on the effects of smoking on many parts of the body are noted.

These complications are not desirable in periods like these, where people with underlying conditions are more vulnerable to the outbreak, as affirmed by most health care providers. In times like these, when all that is required is to stay healthy, no one should be content with smoking their lungs out or exposing others to smoke.

Note: CT- Computed tomography

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