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Wear your mask, save the next generation.

A picture of a lady wearing a face mask

It would be unfair to our next generation if we do not try our very best to limit the corona-virus pandemic from causing further harm. This health crisis started just like a spark of fire ravaging acres of cultivated lands. It’s been many weeks of battle led by various front liners helping in various capacities to bring an end to what seems like a never-ending charade.

In the 1918’s there was a pandemic known as the Spanish Flu that killed millions of people; this virus also caused a trend of wearing nose masks as a precautionary measure. Corona-virus, just like the Spanish Flu, had caused a lot of chaos in the world.

The impact of this pandemic is difficult to measure, with lots of unemployment, stress, depression, anxiety, suicide, and deaths; in seasons like this, it is difficult to see through and recognize that there could be better days ahead. Wearing masks might not eliminate our chances of getting into contact with this deadly virus but can surely limit the spread of this disease.

Do the human race, your country, and you a favor by wearing your face mask. Do not think that wearing a face mask is a sign of weakness but believe that it’s a sign of hope for a new tomorrow. One full of opportunities to love, to freely hug your loved ones, to be able to say bless you if someone sneezes, to be able to spend quality time with our loved ones and colleagues. Let wearing the face mask be a new symbol of hope for the future, one that reminds us of our obligation to preserve the next generation.

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