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Cuul benefits of bathing

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

He sang as he took his bath while his comrades waited for him. This is the third time they had to wait for him; they were a bit irritated because he had been in the shower for ten minutes.

Ah... why does he take his bath morning, afternoon, and evening?” Kojo asked. Ato responded in pidgin, "ma guy, abi he wan ron miss world".

Kuuku had always been a strong advocate to his friends on good bathing habits; Kojo showers once a day, he barely spends three minutes bathing, he feels bathing is a waste of time. Ato on the other hand, showers every two to three days; he always says that it is not a crime not to bathe.

Kuuku rushed out of his room to meet up with his friends and apologized for keeping them waiting. Ato was so pissed and mumbled,”ma guy you no try at all, ah... only you wan make fine? “Why do you like bathing mm...?” Kojo asked.

Kuuku explained, "I like bathing because of the benefits I derived from doing so. Some few years ago, I had a terrible form of acne on my face; I felt bad about it all the time, then I encountered a pharmacist who suggested that I took bathing seriously. I have never... ever... regretted heeding to her advice. Aside from getting rid of germs, I also seem to enjoy the act of bathing. Mm..., it’s refreshing and soothing. Did you know that our bodies have protective barriers that help us, so we don't fall sick? Bathing is a second line of defense that keeps the body free from bacteria, viruses like the novel corona-virus and other pathogens that could cause diseases in our bodies".

Ato interrupted, ”boys kasa, eeh... you be bathing ambassador?" Kuuku smiled and continued, "ma guy..., consider how the spread of diseases could be minimized if we all took our bath regularly". " massa... massa,.. ibi bathing we dey chop, let’s get going," Ato said.

They left Kuuku's home to the cinema. They talked, giggled, and laughed as the movie unfolded and munched aggressively on a poor bowl of popcorn. When the movie ended, they headed for the exit. Then, Ato spotted a beautiful lady. His eyes were locked on her. "Eish...eish... make wild", Kojo said. Ato shyly declined. When they got out of the Cinema, Kuuku and Kojo pushed him to go speak to the girl.

Immediately he approached the girl, she held her nose and excused herself; Ato was embarrassed. Kuuku gently tapped Ato and said, "do you now understand why you should bath?” Ato nodded in agreement.

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